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Sleight Difference

Sleight Difference

Sleight Difference: A Teaching Trick

Effect: Four identical playing cards are shown front and back. When one of them is laid down face up on the table, it's back mysteri­ously changes color. When it is again turned face up it has changed its suit and color. The magician then turns the packet over and shows all four cards to be identical on both front and back.

Many experts agree, two of the most valuable card sleights in all of card magic are the “double lift” and the “Elmsley Count”.  This trick is designed to teach and help you master these two critical “moves” to launch you on your way to being a successful card technician.  The elegantly simple theme of this effect is totally adaptable to a wide variety of effects.  Once you learn the trick using the cards provided you can utilize a number of other card sets to perform a variety of miracles.

Sleight Difference comes complete with detailed instructions and the cards you need packed conveniently in a vinyl card wallet so you can carry the trick with you, ready to perform at any time and place.  It resets automatically for repeat performances without “going South”.

Order yours today and you are ready to begin on the path that, with practice, can lead you to becoming a great magician, providing unique entertainment to people everywhere.

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